Mini Trucks – Last Mile Vehicles

In a developing country like India, development is still underway in remote parts. Due to lack of infrastructure, the road is the most sought out modes of transportation. However, the remote interiors lack wide roads for the large carrier trucks to make their way. Therefore, mini trucks are one of the fast-growing segments in the commercial vehicle sector. From rural transportation or urban home shifting, mini trucks are the preferred vehicle to complete the last-mile deliveries.

In the last decade, many companies have rolled out their own version of small commercial vehicles. This has helped many entrepreneurs to emerge in the transportation industry. Whether you are buying a small truck for your own packers company or just renting it for personal shifting, hope the following list helps.

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Tata ACE

First launched in 2005, by TATA Motors Ltd., Ace is a 4-wheeled goods carrier with a sub-1-tonne payload capacity. It is suitable for transportation in urban and rural areas for a distance of 5kms-50kms. Ace is the leading choice for the logistics and transport business. Since its debut 15 years ago, Tata Ace is synonymous with the small truck. It can carry a payload of 750 kg. It is a go-to vehicle for most packers and movers. Ace comes with Diesel, Petrol, and CNG variant with BS6 Technology. The quintessential truck has easy availability of spare parts and ease of serviceability across the Tata network across India.

Mahindra Jeeto

Launched in the year 2015, Jeeto is one of the recent mini trucks to enter the markets. Jeeto is a 4-wheeled goods carrier, in the sub-1-tonne payload capacity. Mahindra Company offers a wide range of customization to the Jeeto payload carrier. The diesel variant comes with a payload size of S, L, and X series. Jeeto has a CNG variant also. The new Jeeto plus has a payload capacity of 715 kg. Jeeto has captured a sizeable audience despite a fierce competitor like Tata Ace. From fine interiors to decent loading span and smart fuel technology, Jeeto is a complete package for small transport companies.

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

Launched in 2016, Super carry is 4-wheeler vehicle that falls in the sub-1-tonne payload capacity. Initially launched in diesel variant, super carry now comes in petrol and CNG variant with BS6 technology. It can carry a payload of 740 kg in the petrol and 625 kg in the CNG engine. Though its late entry in the lightweight truck segment, Maruti super carry has gained dedicated and loyal customers of its own due to the efficient mileage and trustworthy brand of Maruti. It will surely be a reliable addition to your local shifting.

Force Trump

Force Trump is a small load carrier 4-wheeler truck. The company Force is associated with tough and off-road vehicles in India. Having pioneered in passenger and commercial market segments in India, Trump is the company’s entry in the sub-1-tonne small trucks segment. With a payload capacity of 990 kg, Trump is any business owner’s go-to vehicle for both intra and inter city packers and movers. It comes in diesel and CNG variant, with a BS3 injection engine. The payload comes in Hi-deck and regular deck option for diesel, and Hi-deck only for CNG fuel. Ultimately, Force never fails to mesmerize its customers regarding safety and comfort.

Ashok Leyland Dost

The company, well known for commercial trucks and passenger buses has come up with Dost in the sub-2-tonne lightweight vehicle segment. Since its launch, there are many up-gradation to Dost such as Dost+, Dost Strong, and Bada Dost. Dost has a payload capacity of 1215 kg (basic model) and 1860 kg (Bada Dost). It comes in diesel and CNG variants with the injection of the BS6 engine. The vehicle has a car like interiors with hugging seats. All the controls are easily accessible to the driver. Dost carries more load efficiently and profitably due to is superior fuel efficiency during the shifting services

Apart from these, there are many options available in lightweight vehicles. Due to congested roads, or improper infrastructure, mini trucks are the perfect fit to make the last mile deliveries. Therefore, mini trucks are booming in sales every year. Here at Boxigo, along with the best packers services, we offer full-scale commercial vehicles as well as last-mile delivery mini trucks suitable for your needs.

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