How well do you know your storage warehouses?

It hasn’t been a long time since the word “Warehouse” has created an image of a dilapidated building with the walls almost giving up popularly known as “godowns”. The concept of warehousing goes way back to an era where food was stored in abundance. These were available for purchase in case of national emergencies such as drought and famine. Things have progressed drastically ever since and today the warehouses play a vital role in the supply chain and logistics industry. In the most modern and technology-driven form, the warehousing industry is the backbone of the booming e-commerce industry in India.

Storage Warehouses

The right type of storage plays a significant role in storing goods, whether business or private assets. To begin with, here’s a high-level classification of the types of storage goods:

Ambient Storage

This refers to storing goods that require no temperature or humidity control needs with the exception of foods and perishables. The goods are stored at temperatures 15oC to 25oC.

Climate controlled Storage

This refers to maintaining products at room temperature and controlling humidity.

Cold Storage

This refers to storing refrigerated and frozen goods which include drugs and perishables. The goods are stored at temperature 8oC or lesser.

HazMat Storage

HazMat refers to storing various HAZardous MATerials. This type of storage requires multiple certifications and permissions from the Government.

With the online retail stores making a staunch essential in the current pandemic situation, warehouses have also claimed their importunity as well. Also with the “Vocal for Local” campaign across India, the e-commerce platforms have given a great opportunity for a large community of hand made and “Made in India” goods. This has indeed increased the demand for warehouses as well. With an abstract regarding the storage goods types, let us explore the assortment in the storage warehouses. Here are some of the ideal storage options based on your needs:

Racking Systems

The racking systems refer to the easy storage of pallets, specialty, or bulk items. They are made of wire mesh and are stacked up to the warehouse rafters (up to the canopy of the room).

Shelving Systems

The shelving systems play a significant role in the organization and efficiency of a workspace. With an option to choose between an open and closed shelf, one can store inventories of all shapes and sizes.

High-Density Storage

Most of the warehouses tend to expand once opened and this means increasing the storage space without having to alter the basic footprint of the warehouse. This is when the high-density storage systems come into the picture. With an option to make it a locomotive by using a tracking system, they are of great use at cramped spaces. It can be a modular drawer system or a mobile shelving and racking system.

Cabinets and Lockers

As the name says it all, it is a perfect and simple solution to keep all your personal assets concealed. These can include safety storage, lockers, bins and containers, and much more.


Mezzanines help in optimizing the storage space without having to compromise on the floor space available. In simple words, this is similar to doubling your shelf in your closet by adding an organizer. With an option to dismantle the mezzanines, they are safe to use and easy for relocation as well.

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