Due to globalization, our generation is experiencing mass migration for better job opportunities or for a better way of living. In this fast-paced generation, it is difficult to carry all our belongings with us every time we move, for obvious reasons. Added to this, the pandemic has seen vast people traveling back home with the work from home option, now a necessity rather than a luxury. Storage services are a lifesaver. Boxigo’s storage services can be availed to store your belongings. Our storage warehouses provided are secure and economical. Whether you are searching for personal or household storage services, we have you covered. 

Warehouses at Boxigo

When can you use a storage warehouse?

  • Relocation(local or international).
  • Commercial property.   
  • Decluttered possessions.
  • Renovation or revamping your property.
  • Business-oriented surplus goods.

Note: We provide ambient storage services only.

With the best in class storage services, our experts will leave no stone unturned when it comes to packing for persistent storage. With Boxigo, one of the best packers and movers at your service, keep calm, and watch your worries take a back seat while we carry out our responsibilities with perfection and modesty.

We pack all your possessions by paying attention to minute details so as to survive the long term storage, damage-free. With just booking your storage tenure on our website, we pack and drop your assets from your doorstep to the warehouse. You can always book our truck rental services to move your assets back to your property whenever required.

At our warehouse, you can either rent the entire space or co-share it. Co-sharing the space is always economical for storing fewer items. You will have direct access to the warehouse and will be contacted by the vendor once the slot is confirmed. Please note that the rent has to be paid in advance. Boxigo also provides packing materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and so on, if you wish to pack your assets. Contact Boxigo, the professional packers and movers to know more in detail. 

With the current pandemic situation at hand, it is advisable to stay safe and indoors. Do read our article on relocation during this pandemic to know more. If you are moving back home to be with family, you can keep your belongings at our warehouses. This will reduce the burden of paying huge rents and your belongings will be intact when you return.

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