A breezy evening and an incredible view of the sunset, I was sipping my cup of tea when the doorbell suddenly disturbed this serene moment. It was my husband (sigh!). As I greeted him into our modest abode, I was astonished to find the same wide grin on his face, considering his drive-in Bangalore traffic! (And it was monsoon, the most dreaded season for drivers here). He immediately told me the glorious news that I had been waiting to hear for quite some time now. “Honey! We’re moving abroad!” Unable to keep the containment inside, I jumped with joy and my happiness knew no bounds. Only later did the actual news sink in. We had to pack and store our belongings for three long years! As exciting as it sounded to me, it wasn’t for him (you know, Men!).

 We had an enormous task of packing and moving a 3 BHK apartment to three different localities in Bangalore. Choosing the right packers and movers was the first baby step.

The Internet is our God these days. Most of us tend to look up to this God for any queries or to seek solutions. Question is, how reliable are the services that seem to be promised by the companies? At least one in twenty of our online seeking trials seems to have had some loopholes in them and made us question our choices.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right packers and movers to make your moving day effortless.

Authenticity and Mover Profiles:

As attendants of the internet, the first precaution we take while hiring a service is to check the authenticity of the company. As a first instinct, we tend to check the reviews and the ratings on their services. Visit their offices to have a better idea. You can also check the company’s websites and profiles to be more distinct. One such professional packers and movers that cater to all insecurities is Boxigo. Professionals in packing and moving, reliability, and authenticity are their influential factors.

Pricing comparison: 

Back in the days, one had to make several telephonic calls to get a quotation from the packers and movers for their relocation. They had to compromise on several things such as money and time to confirm with one of the packers and movers company.

With digital advancement and the internet at our fingertips, one of the best features of household shifting services nowadays is the pricing comparison. Also termed as “Get free quotes”, this feature assists us to get a quote with multiple vendors that are consolidated with the company. By just a click, a quotation is received within a 24 to 36-hour timeline giving us the liberty in choosing our packers and movers.  To seal the deal, ensure you get a proper quote and a receipt of confirmation from the vendors. Boxigo on the other hand provides a simple quotation comparison that is user friendly for all ages.

Beware of hidden costs:

To attract more clients, sometimes companies channel themselves into a fake promotional agenda. In order to be mindful of such touts, it is preferable to be aware of the terms and conditions entirely and thoroughly. To avoid burning a hole in your pockets, do spend a few minutes reading it. Worth the burden-less pockets! With Boxigo at our end, we had the least of our worries since they have absolutely no hidden charges. Their terms and conditions are direct and simple to avoid confusion. Also, do call them and double-check. Better safe than sorry!

Cancellation policies:

An important aspect to consider before sealing the deal, with any of the services, is the cancellation policies. Most of the shifting services do provide a fair cancellation refund but double-checking their policies is a must. Boxigo on the other hand provides a very integral cancellation policy such as a hundred percent refund if canceled seven days prior to the moving date.

Safety of your belongings and its maneuver:  

Many of us would have burnt our pockets to acquire the little joys in buying our furniture. And I for one have had sleepless nights every time we bought one, grinning to myself. Entrusting our property to the professional packers and movers to deliver them without a scratch kept me awake for several nights until we saw how each of the furniture was carefully wrapped and packed. Boxigo provided remarkable storage services for this tedious task and left us with no worry since most of our property had to be stored away for a period of three years.

Unpacking Services:  

Nowadays, most of the packers and movers have a provision for unpacking your furniture. From fixing the dismantled furniture to placing them in the right rooms, this is much-needed assistance once we relocate. This is an added benefit to look out for while choosing your best packers and movers.

I hope these tips helped y’all in choosing the right packers and movers. With the current pandemic situation in mind, please ensure all the safety protocols are followed by the vendors. For more information on relocation during this pandemic, do read our blog on the same.

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