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Terms & Conditions for Vendors

By virtue of these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the agreements and contracts that Boxigo and the Service Provider(Vendor) conclude for this purpose, the Service Provider(Vendor) agrees to collaborate with Boxigo in order to provide local and national moving services for the benefit of the Client and of Boxigo .

Drivers (drivers) of the Service Provider(Vendor)'s vehicles must have a valid driver's license and, where appropriate, pass the controls established for this purpose by the applicable authorities.

The Service Provider(Vendor) undertakes to contract and keep the insurance required by the regulations issued by the applicable authorities in force.

The obligations indicated here must be fulfilled depending on the type of vehicle and the service to be provided.

A copy of said documentation must be delivered by the Service Provider(Vendor) to Boxigo, immediately and no later than within 3 (three) calendar days following the date in which it is required by Boxigo.

The staff of Boxigo will be the only one authorized to make the request or cancellation of services to the Service Provider(Vendor), either by email, by the Site or by telephone.

Boxigo will transfer to the Service Provider(Vendor) the necessary data for the provision of the service, through the technical means available at any time.

The price of each service that Boxigo will pay to the Service Provider(Vendor), will be the one that has been previously established for the performance of the same by the Service Provider(Vendor) himself. The Service Provider(Vendor) will set the price, to which Boxigowill add a commission for the value-added services offered to Customers. The Service Provider(Vendor) must grant a preferential price to Boxigo with discounts of between 10% (ten percent) and 30% (thirty percent) with respect to its price to the public, in order to make prices more attractive to the Client .

The Service Provider(Vendor) undertakes to provide the services with care and professionalism and, especially, to:

  • Offer a quick and priority response to service requests from Boxigo;
  • Satisfy the service requests that have been booked in advance and make the greatest efforts for the execution of the services that could be requested in real time;
  • Provide the services with punctuality and accuracy with respect to the indications received from Boxigo;
  • Immediately notify Boxigo of any incident that occurs during the execution of the services;
  • Not modify the route that has been assigned, even at the Client's request, unless expressly authorized by Boxigo.
  • Make every effort to resolve any incident or misunderstanding with the Client in a friendly manner, in the most favorable way possible for the Client;
  • Provide as many details and evidence as required, in case of a complaint or claim.

Boxigo will deposit the amount corresponding to the service performed in the Service Provider(Vendor)'s bank account, in accordance with its policies and guidelines and as agreed in the corresponding contracts with the Service Provider(Vendor).

In the event that the Client declares that they have not received the service in accordance with the agreed terms and it is verified between the Service Provider(Vendor) and Boxigo that the service was not actually performed in accordance with the provisions, Boxigo will return to the Client any amounts that he would have paid to Boxigo, Boxigo will not have to make any payment to the Service Provider(Vendor) and Boxigo will be empowered to terminate their business relationship with the Service Provider(Vendor), without any liability.

The Service Provider(Vendor) must obtain from the Client a signed voucher of “Accepted Service”, according to the model approved by Boxigo, in order to be able to prove the performance of each service. The Service Provider(Vendor) is obliged to deliver a copy of said receipt to Boxigo within 48 (forty-eight) hours after the date on which the service in question has been completed. The lack of presentation of a receipt will imply that the service is not paid to the Service Provider(Vendor). The original of the vouchers must be kept by the Service Provider(Vendor) for a period of 5 (five) years.

Boxigo may at any time cancel a service request made to the Service Provider(Vendor), subject to the terms and conditions agreed in the corresponding contract.

The Service Provider(Vendor) must notify any change in the removal service requested by the Client, for statistical purposes and monitoring of the service, in the understanding that the Client must negotiate and pay directly with the Service Provider(Vendor) for any modification.

The Service Provider(Vendor) may refuse at any time to provide moving services differently from what was originally quoted and agreed through the Site.

The Service Provider(Vendor), the drivers of their vehicles and their staff in general, must have a good image and presentation at all times being absolutely necessary that the vehicles are in perfect mechanical condition and cleanliness, both exterior and interior. The Service Provider(Vendor) is also obliged to use the badges determined for this purpose by Boxigo, in sweatshirts, shirts, caps, credentials or any that Boxigo indicate, exclusively in the services that have been obtained or contracted through Boxigo. In no case may the Service Provider(Vendor) or its staff use the Boxigo badges in services that have not been obtained through Boxigo.

Boxigo will carry out as many advertising actions as it deems appropriate to increase the volume of activity of the Service Provider(Vendor). In advertising actions and communications, Boxigo is authorized to make use of the image of the Service Provider(Vendor) and the vehicles attached to the service if it deems appropriate or convenient. This authorization will be without effect from the moment the Service Provider(Vendor) ceases to belong to the Boxigonetwork or if the corresponding contract is terminated, for any reason.

The Service Provider(Vendor) is obliged to use the badges determined for this purpose by Boxigoin their vehicles. This obligation will be null and void from the moment the Service Provider(Vendor) ceases to belong to the Boxigo network or if the corresponding contract is terminated, for any reason or even, the Service Provider(Vendor) will be prohibited from using these different, immediately, in Any of these assumptions.

Boxigo, as part of the service offered to Clients, perform a certification and validation of: (i) the legal existence of the Service Provider(Vendor), in accordance with the applicable regulations; (ii) the administrative and litigation history of the Provider, before the different corresponding instances (iii) the technical capacity of the Service Provider(Vendor) to provide the services, including its personnel and equipment. Through these terms and conditions, Service Provider(Vendor) are prohibited from transporting bills, coins or currencies, credit titles, promissory notes or valuable documents of any kind, jewelry, postal stamps and collections thereof, tax stamps, letters or packages of letters, photographs, precious stones, firearms, ammunition or contraband, drugs and narcotics or perishables. Please refrain from requesting the ransport of any of these products.